On Photographing Tony...

I haven’t spoken much publicly about my travels with Tony. I’m still processing a lot of it. Being part of the Parts Unknown family has been a gift to me. It has been remarkable. Transformative even. Cengiz Yar at Explore Parts Unknown asked me to share a few of my favorite photographs that I made of Anthony Bourdain. So follow the link below and when you’re done, I’d like to know what your favorite photo of Tony is. Leave a message or drop me an email.

I got to travel and photograph the world with Anthony Bourdain.

Sounds like a dream job right? It was.

I traveled thousands of miles to far-off places like Vietnam, Tanzania, and Russia, as well as to places not so far away like South Carolina, Montana, and all over New York City. Along the way I learned to be a better traveler and, hand in hand with that, a better person. I’m thankful for the experience. It’s hard to imagine that I’ll ever have a better job…

“Photograph what is there.”

— Anthony Bourdain