Let's get to work...

We are incorrect when we say we don't have enough time. We have exactly the same number of hours per day as every person we’ve ever marveled at; Jasper Johns, Leonard Cohen, Alex Honnold, Jane Goodall, Norman Mailer, Malcolm Gladwell and even Anthony Bourdain.

I admired quite a few things about Tony, but one of the things that inspired me most was that he realistically got a late start. He was in his mid-40s by the time he got on TV. He was the age I am now before I had ever even met him. He made himself schedules and to-do lists and he accomplished so much in the last decade. All of us who aspire to accomplish things, should be inspired by his productivity. In my opinion the key take-away is that it is honestly never too late to pursue your dreams. Let’s get to work.

Last week I spoke with CNN’s Kyle Almond about some of my time on the road with Tony. You can read about it here.